James uses his educational background of knowing how adults learn and how the brain works in combination with his speaking skills and experience. As a World Championship of Public Speaking finalist and certified trainer, he has taught thousands of people all over the world how to lead, perform everyday work tasks, and to speak and write powerful talks and presentations. He approaches every keynote with a mindset to entertain and inspire, but leaves the audience with a message to change and get even better. His life philosophy is: “Nothing stays the same; it gets better or it gets worse. It’s up to you.” Audiences are never quite the same after hearing James speak! They are more equipped to capture possibilities as he imparts "know how" and teaches them to be more successful.


James offers a variety of seminars including: motivational, speech writing and speaking sessions, leadership and communication programs, along with value-added messages. His presentations are available in a variety of lengths: 1-Hour, 1-Day, and 2-Day Educational Sessions. His approach with educational sessions is always exciting and productive. His format is objective-driven, which guarantees that James will always offer steps and daily practices for the audience take away to make their lives better than when they began the session. James' presentations are content-rich and full of proven results-oriented success practices that your audiences can implement right away. These programs and topics are easily customized to fit the specific needs of your participants or event.


With many years analyzing training and implementing talent solutions with such companies as AT&T, Boeing, Inc., and Wells Fargo, James specializes in providing departments with solid strategies that will last well into the future. He thoroughly analyzes company initiatives, culture, and employee behaviors and creates win-win situations for all parties involved. James’ unique talent is using a combination of influencing and leading strategic projects to focus the company on improving your organizational effectiveness/ efficiencies with sound individual and team strategies. These programs are based around three types of strategies; Leadership, Communications and Values.

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